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Monday, November 18, 2013

Prove That You Value Love By Being Good To Yourself...

Sometimes, we do not understand the implication of being in love, the power of loving and being loved, or the responsibility of being in love.

We live our lives everyday desiring to be happy, pursuing after a little vanity from time to time, looking for a little naughtiness or risk that will add that value of momentary pleasure which gives you the feeling that you can still do what you like sometimes. We get so engrossed in our ambition that nothing matters till we achieve the latest goal… And there is always a goal

Know this... When you are in a relationship, your joy must proceed out of the fact that you give joy to that person to whom you have surrendered your heart and passion - when you are sick, they are dying; when you are unhappy, they are sad; when you weep, they grieve; when you are unsettled, they are destabilized. In the midst of the heartache that your mood or situation causes them, they still desire to, and actually do stay strong for you. Why then will you not consider the impact your actions will have on them before you act?

We can be so loving, and yet so unloving... Anytime we do not consider what our actions are capable of doing to the ones we love (the same ones who love us back), we abuse the emotions of our loved ones, and expose them to avoidable pain.

Beware the voice of the unreasonable; be careful what you eat or drink; be careful how you drive... Drive safely. Don't run your body like a machine… It's still a body that needs rest no matter how strong you think you are. Be careful how you relate with people (whether in public or private life)… The path of the flirtatious is easy to thrive in, but it is a total disrespect of the one who loves you, the one who you love. Be careful what you give up, and be careful what you hold on to...

Your joy is love's joy. Always remember this.

Blessings and more


Monday, October 21, 2013

Reality or Ideal: To Be or Not To Be...

For 3weeks now, I have not written anything on relationships, not because I don't have anything to write about, but because there has been this impression that my views about relationships and sustaining relationships [I share that a lot on tv and radio] are too idealist and have no place in today's world (aka The Real World)

People don't disagree with the views; they disagree with the applicability and practicability of those views: Is forgiveness possible? How can you be with someone you are not happy with merely because you guys are married? "How do you mean make the sacrifice to make it work?! Life is too short. If it's not working, it's not working"; So because I understand the implication of being in a relationship with that person, I shouldn't complain? I should die inside something that doesn’t make me happy…

For me, there is no bigger reality, than the reality that honours and values the gifts we have inspite of the flaws inherent in those gifts. We all have flaws and we all make that sacrifice necessary to keep our relationships alive and beautiful.

A relationship is a gift. It is a miracle and we cannot continue to create blueprints when the giver of the miracle that made you happy has already provided the blueprint for the journey you have embarked upon. So sometimes, the reality we speak of are effectively, issues we are unwilling to compromise about; our ego, our anger, our pride, our comfort and the other things which make it difficult for us to make the amount of sacrifice necessary to sustain our relationships. The issue then is this, Reality or Ideal: To be or not to be

Blessings and more, to you and yours


Friday, September 27, 2013

Let Love Be The Reason... Pt 2

Kind means to be friendly, helpful, well-meaning, generous, benevolent, considerate and warm. Kindness (the noun for kind) is not given merely because it is received. It is independent and can thrive without reciprocity.

So when we say Love is kind, we mean that love is friendly, helpful, well-meaning, generous, benevolent, considerate and warm. Love is understanding, and will never allow itself to stop no matter how pained it is by the lack of reciprocity.

If love is truly the reason, then love must be kind. Give kindness, even when you have a good reason not to. This is a quality that love cannot thrive without. Start with the little things...

Blessings and more, to you and yours.


Friday, September 20, 2013

Let Love Be The Reason... Pt 1


Patient, derivable from the word PATIENCE (derivable because patient means a few other things) means "the ability to endure delay, trouble, pain or hardship in a calm and contained way. The courage to tolerate, forbear and persevere"

Thus, when we say "Love is Patient", we mean that love has "the ability to endure delay, trouble, pain or hardship in a calm and contained way. It also has the courage to tolerate, forbear and persevere"

If love is the reason, then love must be patient. This truth is cardinal. Love never breaks under pressure. We must learn how to love and allow ourselves to be loved...

Blessings and more, to you and yours.


Monday, August 19, 2013

Sowing Seeds, Reaping Harvests...

To love and be loved is like sowing seeds and reaping harvests...

To love means you have been given the opportunity to touch a life... To be loved means someone has been given an opportunity to touch your own life. If you have been happy with being loved, then you must allow the other person have the privilege of enjoying the same experience.

Love is a beautiful thing... Give love, receive love, share love; but don't let love become a distraction. Make your time count, so that you will never blame love as the reason for your failings and your failure. Always make your time count... Give love its place. The safest life to live is a balanced life.
Never give your children, friends, your chores or your work/career the place of your spouse. You will always regret the outcome.
Never brag about the sacrifice you have made and the great things you have done for your children or in your work/career if you have not done the same for your spouse. You might never be able to deal with the harvest which that seed produces.

Blessings and more, to you and yours