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Monday, November 5, 2012

Don't Give Up On Love...

Hope never dies... You might lose it, and when you find it again, you will see it is still alive.
Hope comforts those who mourn; when love is weak, hope makes you strong. Hope helps us forgive; it makes us confident today, that tomorrow will be better than yesterday; that where we are now is not the last bus stop, but merely one of the many bus stops on our way to "the last bus stop"; that whether the good Lord (Whose we are and Who we serve) snatches us out of the fire or takes us through it, the story of our lives will not end in the fire...
There will be another chapter because we are coming out of the fire, Amen! Hope tells us, that no matter what is happening now, we shall smile again... Yes!!! Hope is powerful... Hope is a beautiful thing... Hold on to hope and don't lose it... And even if you lose it, search for it and find it (it will most probably be at the same place where you lost it)... It never gives up on you... Hold on to hope... HOPE NEVER DIES.
Don’t give up on hope… Don’t give up on love… Don’t give up on the one you love. Believe, Be well, Stay well.
Blessings and more, to you and yours.